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WHAT octave fuzz and punk distortion with ample volume on tap
INSPIRATION:  a nod to our love of late 60s octave fuzz
CIRCUIT SAUCE:  silicon transistors and clipping diodes, fuzz intensity set wide open, filtering AM radio & shrill high frequencies, no harsh clipping artifacts, and biased to clean up in the octave mode to a "ringer" type sound.
SOUND: Ace Tone, Kay and Super fuzzes entered that chamber from The Fly and this fuzz emerged- a searing upper octave that sings near the 12th fret and creates interesting undertones from 2-3 string chords.   Complex chords may be rendered completely gross, in the best possible way!  A flick of the toggle gives a tough, 70s type distortion without any octave.  

⚡️ bolt mode- midrange-heavy upper octave; ◼️ wave mode- no octave, punk distortion that sounds not unlike a loud transistor amp

First batch features 2 graphic options on a silver hammer tone paint finish. 




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  • 9V center negative power supply
  • Current draw: 4mA
  • Knob controls master volume
  • Toggle switches between upper octave fuzz ⚡️ or non-octave distortion ◼️
  • The toggle switch may pop without sound running through the pedal- turning down the Output knob or turning off pedal when engaging the toggle switch is advised