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Pagers & DVDs- 💿  treble booster

Pagers & DVDs- 💿 treble booster



WHAT:  classic treble booster updated for silicon transistors and 2 frequency ranges; modernized Rangemaster
INSPIRATION:  vintage technology, Crockett & Tubbs, Max's primitive cordless phone.
CIRCUIT SAUCE  tuned for a low gain silicon transistor; made on terminal board.
SOUND:  treble boosting with tasty grit and drive.

Pagers mode- vintage treble boost; DVDs mode- expanded frequency, boosted dirt

LIL' PEDAL SERIES: one knob, one feature toggle; hand-wired, quality parts.

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  • 9V center negative power supply, no battery
  • Knob controls boost
  • Toggle switches between treble (Pagers) or expanded frequency (DVDs) boost
  • High pass filter cutoff: Pagers- ~2.4kHz, DVDS- ~1.3kHz
  • Vintage rangemaster-style treble boosting circuit, with a 2n3053 silicon rather than germanium transistor
  • The boost knob will make noise when turning- this is normal for rangemaster designs
  • The toggle switch may pop- turning down the boost or turning off pedal when engaging the toggle switch is advised