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rvrs- germanium distortion, built to order, allow 2-3 days



Pronounced "rivers", rvrs delivers a range of destroyed transistor dirt- from dark drive tones to punishing distortion with hefty low end content!

INSPIRATION:  We traced Boss Tone distortion units, the pedal steel versions with bigger capacitors and higher gain transistors.  These late stage Nashville versions resulted in loads of sustain and a mountain of bass content, but were fraught with high frequency noise and prone to oscillations.  Improved for guitar pedal use and given a germanium mod, rvrs was born!

CIRCUIT SCIENCE:  The core circuit follows Boss Tone topology, using NPN and PNP transistors and rectifier diodes for clipping.  A strategically placed low pass filter removes AM radio and high frequency nonsense, while power supply filtering is updated to modern standards.  The gem of the circuit is the "Percolator" mod- a low gain/low leakage PNP germanium transistor! 

SOUND:  The best of a Boss Tone, the special sauce of a Percolator.

This Frankenstein mashup of silicon and germanium transistors can be brutally destructive at the extreme attack setting, yet bassy-smooth at the low setting.

Even the thickest distortion settings can clean up by dialing back your guitar volume knob- yeah, it's dynamic like that!

Another neat-o feature is how responsive rvrs is to pickup selection.  Treble/bridge pickups are 70s rock smoke clouds; neck/rhythm pickups are fuzzy, loose and thick!


Austere design, esoteric nomenclature.

How about some bass for low end lovers!

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  • 9V center negative power supply, no battery
  • Dimensions including jacks & knobs:  5.88 x 3.00 x 2.25 in
  • Attack= Input signal control that sets the degree of distortion.  This doesn't cut out counter clockwise like original Boss Tone/percolators.
  • Volume = post circuit passive volume cut
  • Nuetrik and Lumberg jacks
  • River blue graphics and silver hammertone powder coat finish