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Heavy Peaches 🍑 fuzz

Heavy Peaches 🍑 fuzz



WHAT 2 transistor silicon fuzz with input filter & master volume.
INSPIRATION:  built-in amp and guitar fuzz modules designed for silicon that result in a thick fuzz.
CIRCUIT SAUCE:  low and medium gain transistors, fuzz intensity set just below max, cleans up with guitar volume.
SOUND:  heavy, sustaining fuzz or a brighter, more vintage fuzz.

Heavy mode- thick transistor fuzz; Peaches mode- less saturated fuzz with a bass cut.

Made with silicon transistors sorted for gain and bias- first batch uses a combination of 2n3053 and BC108A or 2n2222A  🍑

LIL' PEDAL SERIES: one knob, one feature toggle; hand-wired, quality parts.

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  • 9V center negative power supply, no battery
  • Knob controls master volume
  • Toggle switches between a thick fuzz (Heavy) or a treble-enhanced fuzz (Peaches)