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Necropants- ripped speaker fuzz



WHAT:  Full frequency-boosted octave up fuzz- no knobs here!  Create searing leads with character and mangled chords!
INSPIRATION: Boosted analog octave and ring mod devices, the Green Ringer;  this is the Junk Lantern circuit in up toggle mode.
CIRCUIT SAUCE:  Full wave rectification and modernized matched diode array to produce vintage octave up tones.  Low pass filter to improve signal to noise (like AM radio!), but does not alter the sound.  The original Green Ringer used a matched diode pair device and we pay tribute to that approach, using a modem equivalent.  The circuit is boosted at the input for an overloaded sound that can be set anywhere from quiet to very loud!
SOUND:  The frequency boost creates intense garage fuzz tones, while still retaining interesting character from the dirty octave mode.   The hidden feature non-boosted sound is a classic ringer-type octave up that pairs well behind a fuzz or drive.

Easter egg controls: The Necropants comes set with the full frequency gain stage engaged and the volume about unity gain.  This results in blown speaker chords and searing single note passages.  If you need to adjust the volume, open the back of the pedal and use a small screwdriver to turn the volume cut trim pot to the right for less, left for more.  If you prefer a more pronounced octave effect with lower gain, flip the on/off switch and turn the volume cut all the way to the left (this is the same stock setting as our "Moments" graphic).

Necropants?!  Corpse britches if you prefer, comes from Icelandic folk tales that describe a grisly and supernatural way to gain wealth- the "pants" are made from human skin.  A gnarly sounding pedal deserves a gnarly name!  

Austere design, esoteric nomenclature.  


The videos show the Junk Lantern and the Necropants can achieve the up (stock) or center (hidden) toggle sounds.


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  • 9V center negative power supply, no battery
  • dimensions: 3.63 x 1.50 x 1.88 in
  • Internal settings for 2 modes of filth

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