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NVMBR Drive V1.5



WHAT Medium gain, broad frequency drive for guitar & bass- special edition mod of our 1st pedal on a brilliant silver hammertone finish!

INSPIRATION:  90s recording sessions using small tube amps pushed hard as overdrive effects.  

CIRCUIT SAUCE:  Drive nuance control varies gain and signal clipping simultaneously.  Turn it to the right to increase the gain and asymmetrical diode clipping = more overloaded drive.  To the left, to the left... is more silicon transistor drive character = a tighter drive with more clarity. 

Highly interactive with the input signal, the original circuit added a slight volume bump that was more pronounced with some signals.  Version 1.5 has been factory modded (and by "factory "we mean our basements) to include a volume control, the small knob on the right.  

SOUND:  Depending on the pickups and instrument, the NVMBR Drive V1.5 can deliver a very full frequency overdrive from medium gain to blown speaker!  A guitar volume knob unlocks more gain range, as the Drive cleans up well and is totes responsive to playing attack. 

The sound is the same as the original version with a post-circuit volume attenuator.  The sonic ground covered in the videos below spans low end bass to single coil bridge pickups!

NVMBR Drive V1.5 features top-mounted Neutrik jacks and silver hammertone paint finish.   A very limited edition, "factory mod" version of our 1st pedal- there may be a 1-2 day lead time to install the volume pot and little wires.  😉


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  • 9V center negative power supply or battery
  • Nuance controls clipping type, more transistor alone or transistor plus clipping diodes
  • Huge gain capacitor passes wide range of frequencies for a full sound suitable for guitar or bass.  Or stylophone, cracklebox...