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A pushed tube amp delivers some of the most rewarding signal breakup, from light drive to overloaded fuzziness. Catnip for guitarists, it just feels good to play. Because other humans and animals sometimes don’t agree, it’s not always possible to dime an amp. 

The NVMBR Drive was designed to provide an extra version of your sound- a slight volume bump & added presence, with breakup from overdriven to a little fuzzy!  Even extreme settings clean up by backing off guitar volume- like a well-tuned vintage fuzz unit. 

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  • The single knob controls drive nuance by varying gain & signal clipping simultaneously, while keeping your volume constant. Set it and play! 
  • ↩️ Clockwise- increases both gain & diode clipping = looser, more fuzzy.
  • ↪️ Counterclockwise- clipping comes less from diodes and more from an overdriven silicon transistor = a tighter drive and more clarity with chords.
  • All NVMBR series pedals have top mounted Neutrik jacks and a LED status light that doesn’t fry your retinas.  9V center negative power supply or battery.
    • gain capacitor passes wide range of frequencies for a full sound suitable for guitar, bass, stylophone, drum machine or just about any instrument.
    • asymmetrical clipping section
    • biased to be dynamic with input signal strength and picking techniques- experiment with your guitar volume knob!
    • current draw: 4 mA

    All guitar tracks have same gear—Gibson 335 TD into an Ampeg VT-22, no eq or compression.

    "Tom’s Interlude"

    Clean, drive nuance low, med, high, with outro fingerpicking to full picking.


    Fingerpicking clean, drive nuance low, med, high.

    "Jessie's Song"

    Clean, drive nuance low, med, high.


    Fingerpicking with drive nuance at 3 o’clock.


    Drive nuance at 3 o’clock.