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What if a pedal could deliver either clean or dirty boost from turning one control? Meet NVMBR Gain.
NVMBR Gain is a new clean & dirty amplification system that both boosts clean volume and adds sparkly, jangly grit. This device essentially acts like a tiny amp- volume increases transparently until the breaking point where overdrive begins.

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The relationship of volume and overdrive is nonlinear with respect to the control knob. Volume increases in a logarithmic fashion, while overdrive increases exponentially. You can get a clean boost for the first half of the control knob travel, then a subtle amount of grit is layered in until overdrive dominates at the extreme setting.

The nonlinear amplification control knob adds clean boost & slowly layers in a soft clipping overdrive.

All NVMBR series pedals have top mounted Neutrik jacks and a LED status light that doesn’t fry your retinas.  9V center negative power supply or battery.

  • jfet operational amplifier circuit
  • available gain ranges from unity to 11x increase
  • clean gain and overdrive sections controlled simultaneously via dual gang potentiometer
  • current draw: 5.9 mA


Check out this video from Barefoot Bearded Wizardry showing off the NVMBR Gain!

Check out this video from the Pedal Couple sharing some footage and sounds from the NVMBR Gain! This track is called "Saltwater."