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Robotic Celebrity Head 🤖 drive/fuzz



WHAT:  A transistor-based overdrive & fuzz in one compact pedal with a master volume. 
INSPIRATION:  Teenage destruction of an animatronic Elvis bust (that's where the name originates); Sweet medium gain overdrive and fuzz from abusing a combo tube amp (that's where the sound originates).   Derived from 70s guitar effects modules.
CIRCUIT SAUCE:  A switching design between lower gain/less diode clipping and high gain, full diode clipping.  This keeps the volume balanced between drive and fuzz modes.
SOUND:  Ranges from ragged pushed amp overdrive to overloaded amp fuzz.  Crazy responsive to your signal inputs, a wide range of sounds are possible tweaking your instrument settings-  pickup type/position, volume knob, fingers/pick.  RCH cleans up by rolling back your guitar volume.

Here mode- medium gain overdrive; This mode- high gain, fuzzy drive

Made with vintage NOS germanium diodes.

Austere design, esoteric nomenclature.

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  • 9V center negative power supply, no battery
  • dimensions: 4.38 x 2.38 x 1.94 in
  • Knob controls master volume
  • Toggle switches between a ragged overdrive (Here) or fuzzy drive (This)

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