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Robotic Celebrity Head 🤖 drive & fuzz



WHAT:  a fuzz & overdrive in one lil’ pedal with a master volume. 
INSPIRATION:  teenage destruction of an animatronic Elvis bust.
CIRCUIT SAUCE:  a collection of vintage germanium diodes.
SOUND:  ragged combo amp overdrive to overloaded combo amp fuzz on a switch.

Here mode- Link Wray’s Rumble in 1958; This mode- Rumble in 1974, live.

Made with vintage NOS germanium diodes- 1n60 or 1n695

LIL' PEDAL SERIES: one knob, one feature toggle; hand-wired, quality parts.

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  • 9V center negative power supply, no battery
  • Knob controls master volume
  • Toggle switches between a ragged overdrive (Here) or fuzzy drive (This)

The videos do the trick!