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Pronounced "mountains", mntns is a variable-stage phaser with vibrato and gain modes.  Knobs control rate and amount of gain, and toggles allow 7 positions of options!

INSPIRATION:  We love the clean, high headroom phasers from the 70s and have created a circuit that honors the sound of the originals, while utilizing modern technology and adding features for today's players.

CIRCUIT SCIENCE:  At its core, mntns is an OTA-based analog phase shifter.  The knobs control LFO rate (phase speed) and a JFET op amp gain stage.  There are two stages of filters available- 2 for a milder warble and 4 for a rich, warm swirl.  The feedback (FB) toggle when engaged (to the left) introduces output signal to the input, sometimes called regeneration.  This results in a more intense, wider sweep of the LFO and phaser effect.  The mode toggle has 3 positions- G (Gain-only mode), P (Phaser mode), and V (Vibe).  The feature toggles and unique gain structure control allow you to dial in several classic sounds, as well as new sonic explorations.

SOUND:  mntns delivers clean, warm phaser tones suitable for a wide range of musical tastes. 

-Dial in the Gain control to set mntns at unity or boost the signal if desired.  You can also simulate grittier JFET phasers by turning the Gain control all the way up.  The Rate control will vary in function depending on the toggle settings and can achieve anything from very slow sweeps to speedy, robotic ray guns.

-The feedback works best in the Phaser mode, sounding more intense for 4 stages and curiously more vocal in 2 stages.

-The Vibe mode allows true pitch vibrato and works best at faster rates.  Try 4 stages for deeper pitch bending and 2 stages for a subtle shimmering effect.

-The combination of the transistor input stage and the op amp output stage can be isolated in the Gain-only mode.  This creates a unique gain structure that provides an organic boost with a touch of breakup when cranked.

Note:  The FB switch when on will mostly nullify the Vibe and Gain modes, rendering them slightly different phase shift tones.  

Quick settings:  Here are some ideas to get started!

  • Classic 70s sound:  FB off, 4 stages, Phaser mode, set Rate to taste, adjust Gain to unity
  • Dramatic tone contrast:  FB on, 2 stages, Phaser mode, set Rate slow, Gain to taste
  • Polite robot:  FB off, 4 stages, Vibe mode, Rate all the way up, Gain to taste

Austere design, esoteric nomenclature.


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  • 9V center negative power supply, no battery
  • Current draw:  7mA
  • Dimensions including jacks & knobs:  5.0 x 3.0 x 2.2 in
  • FB= Feedback, introduces feedback at the input for more intense effect.  Use in Phaser mode.
  • 2/4= all pass filter stages
  • G/P/V- Gain, Phaser, or Vibrato modes
  • True bypass
  • Nuetrik and Lumberg jacks
  • Autumn-tone graphics and silver hammertone powder coat finish