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During a 1996 recording adventure we were introduced to a DC studio’s secret weapon for tracking guitar—a particular small tube combo amp, volume dimed. That little amp is the inspiration behind the NVMBR Drive—a pushed amp sound at any volume.

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NVMBR Gain is a new clean & dirty amplification system that both boosts clean volume and adds sparkly, jangly grit. This device essentially acts like a tiny amp- volume increases transparently until the breaking point where overdrive begins.

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Our Story

Squaring, squishing, and shaping sound waves—that’s what we're about at October Audio. Our family of guitar effects pedals drive, amplify, and fuzz your tone.  

We dream of making it more fun to play your guitar, bass, harp, drum machine, or any chosen sound generator. 

Play more, write stuff, rattle windows.

Robotic Celebrity Head

From overdrive to overloaded fuzzy chords, the sounds that come from abusing a combo amp

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