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witch finger- always on



WHAT:  An always on utility device that can level up your tone in many ways-  preserve signal against high frequency loss, push an amp to breakup, clean boost, boost an effects loop, or deliver that just breaking up sound!  It's like having a mini amp in your chain!  Crank it all  the way up for a glorious soft clipping overdrive.

INSPIRATION: Our gain circuit original design is a nonlinear amplifier, featured in our 1st boost pedal (nvmbr gain), and often used as an "always on" tool.  We ditched the switch on this witch, so it's always on.

CIRCUIT SAUCE:  We wanted a boost that could transition gracefully from clean to dirty tones.  The resulting gain circuit is the engine in the the Witch Finger series.  Volume increases from just over unity to about 10db before soft-clipping drive starts for another 5db of boost.  That clipping is barely layered in until the end of the knob rotation, where light overdrive appears exponentially- it reaches a breaking point and drive dominates.  There is simultaneous control of gain and diode clipping using a dual potentiometer.  It's still a 1-knobber, but that 1 knob is doing 2 things! 

SOUND:  With the knob all the way to the left, the Witch Finger can be used as a line driver to maintain signal chain integrity.  Try it at the front or end of your signal chain for a tone sweetener.  The left side of the control knob is clean gain- here the clipping section is inactive.  The cleaner boost is useful in loops that need more volume or to drive the frontend of an amp.  From about 1 o'clock onward, the soft clipping is engaged and provides subtle amounts of grit and character as you dig into strings.  Towards the very end the drive will appear more present in a hurry, as the clipping section is fully unleashed.  Note:  Don’t put this device in front of an old school fuzz, like a fuzz face, or you may lose the cleanup effect.

WITCH FINGER?:  Remember those plastic witch fingers that make an appearance around Halloween?  The Davies knob reminds us of a witch's fingernail... and it sounds scary good too!

HOT TIP:  Want the fingernail to line up to your sweet spot?  Set the knob where you prefer, loosen the knob screw and move it to overlap with the fingernail, then retighten!

Austere design, esoteric nomenclature.


The following videos feature our nvmbr gain, which is the same circuit used in the always on Witch Finger.

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  • 9V center negative power supply, no battery
  • dimensions:  3.63 x 1.50 x 1.88 in
  • Knob controls gain and clipping at the same time