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A strong upper octave fuzz that cleans up well by rolling back your guitar volume, the nvmbr fuzz delivers stinging octave tone and unique chord textures, while remaining surprisingly smooth.  Well, smooth for an octave fuzz!  

INSPIRATION: We studied the classic octave up fuzzes originating in the late 60s, and reworked the input and output sections to bring the vibe to the present day.   We wanted low noise, maximum octave, and the ability to still play chords without them turning to mush.  

CIRCUIT SCIENCE: Filtering, filtering, filtering!  Strategically-placed filters eliminate radio interference, reduce harsh clipping artifacts, and smooth off the high frequency edges of the final tone stage.  We reworked the input and output sections to allow modern transistor arrays that bias to a sweet spot for cleanup!  A fuzz control is not needed, as your instrument volume will lower the attack to a "ringer" type sound.  Each unit is tuned by ear to ensure the strongest upper octave possible and the clipping section uses silicon diodes- there is ample volume on tap!

SOUND:  The nvmbr fuzz is an aggressive fuzz box, with a pronounced octave. 

The attack is set a hair below full blast, so we made sure your instrument's volume knob can control the amount of fuzz.   Backing off guitar volume creates more overdriven, ring mod sounds that bring chime-like dissonance to chords.  Experiment with this feature to find the right amount of upper octave, then crank your volume for stinging leads or heavy rock chords with interesting textures.  No more boring power chords! 

Standard vintage octave fuzz caveats:  To get the most prominent octave effect, play near the 12th fret and try neck pickups or rolling back the tone control on your instrument.  

PLEASE NOTE:  To get the strongest cleanup effect with guitar volume, place the nvmbr fuzz before any buffered effects.

REISSUE HISTORY:  The nvmbr fuzz was originally released as a small run in 2021, in a big box with octave on/off switch.  This version ditches the octave switch and retools the transistors to allow use of matched arrays.  The small footprint means you can sneak this onto a crowded pedalboard.

Austere design, esoteric nomenclature.


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  • 9V center negative power supply, no battery
  • Current draw: 4mA
  • dimensions:  3.63 x 1.50 x 1.88 in
  • Knob controls output volume