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Robotic Celebrity Head 🤖 fuzzy overdrive



A transistor-based overdrive & fuzz in one, the Robotic Celebrity Head cleans up at your guitar volume knob and drips with pushed tube amp tone!   Now with icon graphics!

INSPIRATION:  Teenage destruction of an animatronic Elvis bust- that's where the name originates; Sweet medium gain overdrive and fuzzy drive from abusing a combo tube amp- that's where the sound originates.   Derived from 1970s single-transistor booster and fuzz circuits.

CIRCUIT SCIENCE:  A switching design between lower gain/less diode clipping and high gain, full diode asymmetrical clipping.  This keeps the volume balanced between drive and fuzz modes.

SOUND:  Ranges from ragged pushed amp overdrive to overloaded amp fuzz.  The "fuzz" sound we're talking about here is more in the realm of fuzzy overdrive.  Crazy responsive to your signal inputs, a wide range of sounds are possible tweaking your instrument settings-  pickup type/position, volume knob, fingers/pick.  RCH cleans up by rolling back your guitar volume.

Toggle down- medium gain overdrive; Toggle up- high gain, fuzzy drive

PLEASE NOTE:  To get the strongest cleanup effect with guitar volume, place the RCH before any buffered effects.

VERSION HISTORY:  This is the 3rd version of the RCH, now using Schottky type diodes instead of germanium.  This preserves the original sound while using modern and available technology.

Austere design, esoteric nomenclature.



V2 demos:

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  • 9V center negative power supply, no battery
  • current draw: <10mA
  • dimensions: 3.63 x 1.50 x 1.88 in
  • Knob controls master volume
  • Toggle switches between low gain (down) or high gain (up)